Best Car Audio Batteries: Reviews 2021 (Latest)

Top 7 Best Car Audio Batteries: Reviews 2021 (Latest)

Do you want to have clear sound system in your car? If you want to better audio sound system so you need qualified car buttery.Now, I shall tell you about good quality buttery. There are many kinds of buttery in while market, it is very difficult to find out the best quality buttery. Are you thinking? No tension, we suggest you read our buying guide and review of the best car audio butteries. In this article, we shall also discuss which kinds of buttery is perfect for your car audio system.

You can buy two basic kinds of car audio batteries . The fundamental model does not require maintenance, while the high level one includes an absorbed glass mat.

The ordinary lead-acid battery needs periodically topped up with water while the support free unit burns-through less water.

A maintenance-free retains its fluid and you cannot remove the caps. It costs less compared to an AGM battery. But, its charge holding period is not that long and cannot deal a deep discharge.

The AGM batteries can deal repeated draining and their recharge cycle is faster. They do cost more and wonderful to control a vehicle furnished with a sound system and other hardware. Here we have a rundown of sizes to make your choosing process gets somewhat simpler

  • Size 24/24F – has a top terminal to use with different vehicle mounting.
  • Size 35 with a top terminal fits most Japanese cars.
  • Size 47, 48, 49 fits most models of cars if it has a top terminal.
  • Size 34/78 fits larger vehicles such as SUVs and larger sedans as it has a dual terminal.
  • Size 65 fits larger vehicles such as trucks and sport-utility cars with a top terminal.
  • Size 51R fits the majority of Japanese automobiles and has a top terminal.
  • Size 75 is suitable for mid-sized and compact cars with a side terminal

Best Car Audio Batteries Reviews 2021

A battery is one of the essential part of a car, when it comes to the car starts up smoothly every time .There is no doubt, the main heart of a good car audio system is a powerful battery. Here we have selected the best deep cycle car audio batteries.

The Optima YELLOWTOP D34 is a double purpose battery designed for heavy load vehicles. This 12-volt battery gives up to 750 virus wrenching amps. It amperage is perfect for your car if it has loads of electrical accessories.

Whether you are running lights, a hydraulic system, stereo system etc; the performance of the battery will stay magnificent.

For terrible climate and occasional use, the low self-release rate is ideal. The save limit of the battery is 120-minutes and it has a Spiral Cell design, providing a friendly power source for you and the environment. The battery weighs 43.5 pounds with a dimension of 10 x 6.75 x 7.8-inches.


  • The battery has a polypropylene casing making it durable to last for years. Furthermore, the battery is maintenance-free and virtually spill proof.
  • You get a deep-cycle car audio battery with fantastic cranking power and faster recharging.
  • You can use electric accessories when you are not driving.
  • With the unique design, you can mount the battery at any position and it’s 15x more resistant to vibration.
  • You get up to 300+ discharges and recharge cycles. So what does this mean for you? It means that you will not be spending money on a new battery soon.


The YELLOWTOP D34 has a high capacity to bear temperature with twisting winding and lead plates. The battery re-energizes rapidly and gives the wrenching force your vehicle needs. It is exceptional while it comes to wrenching amps. Its double reason configuration permits you to utilize the battery when your vehicle stays left or you need to begin.

2. XS Power Car Audio Battery

To give your car enough squeeze for beginning and controlling the electric accessories, the XS Power D3400 battery can be a good alternative. You can utilize this deep-cycle car audio battery very much like a standard one or you can utilize it to control helpers. Regardless of whether you own a RV or boat, you can go for it without any hesitation.

This AGM battery comes with a reinforced ABS plastic coating. This 12-volt car battery has 1000 cranking amps and has a maximum output of 3,300 amps. The release limit is 65 amp-hours.


  • The design allows you to use it with BCI Group 34 vehicles.
  • The battery is suitable to use in any environment with the 1000 cranking amps, which have a reserve capacity of 135-minutes.
  • With the 12-volt deep-cycle design, you can use it not only as a replacement but also as an extra power source.
  • For long-lasting use, the battery has an AGM design with sealed glass mat and ABS plastic casing.
  • It weighs 46 lbs, which is ideal for any car.


The D3400 is a powerful battery to moderate your car audio system or replace your old battery. The battery bolts like a clamp but does not come with battery posts. When this deep-cycle battery is in your vehicle, it fires up quickly and great to use while driving or parked. Before buying, make sure it will work for your ride.

3. Kinetik HC600 Deep-Cycle Car Audio Battery Review

Kinetik initially comes from China, and it has been making since 2003. From Kinetik, you get high performing and quality stuff, which is trusted by a huge number of clients around the world. The 12-volt battery has fixed, absorbed the glass mat plan, and a nice alternative to replace your factory battery.

If you’re searching a cheap car audio battery, Kinetik is a better option. While high-performance batteries are very costly, this smaller model is perfect if your audio system doesn’t need all that power. This battery is perfect for systems that are under 600W.

Are you thinking ? This is a cheap product, it is a better product on this budget. The Kinetik battery will help improve audio sound system . This audio power cell is the weightless on the list, is entirely spill-proof, uses AGM technology, and is highly resistant to vibrations and heat.


  • With the 12-volt latest design, it is one of the best car audio system batteries. You can use it to add extra power to your sound system or you can use it as a starter battery.
  • The cells tightly packed to give a higher voltage under load. Means, there is no need to use a separate battery for the car audio system.
  • The battery has a spill proof design. Furthermore, it has an ultra-low ESR with added plates to give it a stronger energy density.
  • You can use this AGM battery with a 600-watt stereo system.


The Kinetic HC600 is a cool battery that only weighs 5.90 Kg. You will get a high energy density that delivers peak amps and the Kinetic HC60 is maintenance-free. Unfortunately, the battery is not suitable for small cars and it does have a high self-discharge.

4. Sound Quest SQB2000 Car Audio Battery Review

This is the perfect battery for powering a mid-size car audio system.To increase your audio quality and to ensure your lights don’t reduse anymore, you need the Sound Quest SQB2000. By this battery, you will have no bothers starting your vehicle as it stores energy. There is no need of using a additional battery to control your car sound system . It has a maximum wattage of 2000-watts and great to use with an amplifier.The Soundquest SBQ2000 is, therefore, one of the best car audio batteries in the market.


  • The SQB2000 has a wonderful 2000-watt ampere, so no more worrying about dimmed lights.
  • The reserve power supply is 33AH and it has a ± 300 discharge cycle.
  • With the 525A 5-second burst power, you can be assured your car will start after seamlessly it has been parked for a long time.
  • Comes with removable brass battery posts.
  • The AGM design makes the battery, durable to last for years of use and provides a 300+ full discharge cycle.


It is perfect battery for small and medium size car audio system. It’s weight  22.4 pound and dimensions 9 x 7 x 8 inches .

Stinger SPV69C Dry Cell Battery

5. Stinger SPV69C Dry Cell Battery Review

You can go for the Stinger SPV69C dry cell battery when you are looking for the best car audio battery for the money. It is capable of powering a 1320-watt car audio sound system due to its sealed design and 12-volt capacity. You can use it as a starter battery, or as a separate one for additional power to your aftermarket sound system.

The leak-proof battery has removable brass posts so you can easily install it in your vehicle. With the SPV69C, you get 775 cranking amps and over 300 full-cycle discharges. You do not need a capacitor in your car to run this. Group Sizes 34/34M/78 can be replaced with this model.


  •     This battery is corrosion-proof and can be mounted in any position.
  •     The battery is great for systems that run on 2000 watts.
  •      You get a five-second cranking amp of 1100A and a cranking current of 775A.
  •       Due to its leak-proof design, you won’t have to worry about any leakage.
  •      The cells have a regulated lead-acid battery design with 300+ full discharge cycles to last for years.
  •      The internal resistance is 4<Ohms and delivers a quick power when the number is lower
  •       It has a bewildering 45A/69Ah @ 20-hourly rate.
  •       You receive the metal jacket, OEM mounting foot for GM/Ford.

Benefits :

The weight of the Stinger SPV69C car audio system battery is 46.52lbs. The battery is suitable for vehicles in Group 51 as well. No matter which battery you need for your sound system or where you need it for your starter battery, this can be a good solution for the budget.

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