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Top 8 Best Electric Hand Planers – Better Reviews 2021

There are so many woodworking tools that you should have in your garage or workshop. Best electric hand  planers are essential for everyone, whether they are professionals or DIY fans. You use these tools when finishing your furniture to get smooth, even results. Additionally, best electric hand planers allow you to cut boards or fix door drags among other tasks. There are many best electric hand planers on the market today, so how do you choose the right one?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. We have given you unbiased reviews to help you choose a quality tool that will help you do your job to perfection. In order to recommend the best electric hand  planer  we have searched extensively on the internet. There is no doubt that we have also provided you with some essential tips that will help you choose the right electric hand planer for your needs. If you don’t have the title to check all our reviews, here is a quick comparison.

I am sure that the information we have provided here will prove helpful if you are shopping for your first electric hand wood planer, or would like to upgrade your old model. We have reviewed tested tools that you should consider purchasing. For more information on each model, continue reading.


An electric hand wood planer is an important tool for aligning and achieving smooth finishes on wood. You can use the WEN 6530 to help you deal with irregularities in your workpieces. A powerful 6 amp motor provides a speed of 34,000 cuts per minute, which is quite fast.

To ensure smooth and clean cuts, the planer is equipped with double-sided blades that rotate at 17,000 rpm. This unit has reversible blades that can be easily changed. This power tool has a kickstand that ensures there is never any accidental contact between the blade and your workpiece. You will always be safe this way.

A dust collection system is another important aspect to consider when buying a planer. If there is no method to contain the dust and chips, they can pose a danger. Both sides of the tool can be fitted with a dust bag. Another feature is the ability to change left to right the direction the sawdust blows.

Feature :

  • It has a lightweight design
  • Has a kickstand to protect it
  • Different cutting depths are available
  • The dust chute is reversible
  • The motor provides 6 amps and cuts 34,000 times per minute

2. PORTER-CABLE PC60THP 6-Amp Hand Planer :

Porter-Cable offers a wide range of high quality power tools that are designed to help you perform your tasks effectively and efficiently. When it comes to their collection of the best electric hand wood planers, PORTER-CABLE’s PC60THP 6-Amp Hand Planer is an excellent tool you can rely on to achieve smooth finishes on your work pieces.  It had a powerful motor that ensured smooth cut-off of hard and soft materials.

Furthermore, it provides you with a maximum load speed of 16,500 rpm, which makes it easier for you to remove material. Also included is a dual side dust extraction system, so you can keep your workspace clean. No breathing difficulties are caused by dust because it is contained.

If you use a good tool, you will get better results. The planer is equipped with an aluminum shoe that helps you achieve a higher level of control and finish on your materials. Additionally, it offers a 5/64 inch cut depth to remove excess material without taking too much time. It also has a .47 inch max rabbit depth that enables it to clear more materials in a single pass.

Feature :

  • The motor is strong at 6 amps
  • Dust extraction on both sides
  • Three chamfering groves
  • A depth adjustment knob is overmolded
  • A shoe made of aluminum provides better control

3. Makita KP0800K 3-1/4-Inch Planer Kit :

To handle all kinds of projects, whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional, it is important to have the right tools in your garage or workshop.  A good electric hand  planer, a tile laser and a miter saw are some of the tools you can invest in depending on your project. If you are looking for a planner, I recommend getting the Makita KP0800K, which is a powerful tool from a reputable brand.

This electric hand planer is equipped with a 6.5 amp motor that provides just the right amount of power to handle all your projects to perfection. Furthermore, you can remove materials more quickly with this tool. The tool is designed with an aluminum base with precision machines for maximum accuracy.

The blades are an integral part of every hand planner. You will get a high quality finish depending on which blades you use. The cutter head measures 3-1/4 inches wide and 3/32 deep to give the smoothest finish. If you need to change the blades, you can easily do that because the blade setting is simple.

Feature :

  • Despite its size, the planer is lightweight
  • This model has a powerful 6.5 amp motor
  • Cartridge blades with double edges
  • It is easy to install the blades
  • The base is made of precision-machined aluminum

4. Makita KP0810 7.5 Amp 3-1/4-Inch Planer :

In order to have smooth finishes when you are working on fine woodworking projects, framing tasks or door and window installation, you need a quality planer. Performance is not the same for all electric hand wood planers on the market. Makita KP0810 is designed to deliver the best results, so you can depend on its performance.

This is a quality tool that features a powerful motor that delivers more power to handle your job. You will also be able to remove stock with ease thanks to a speed of up to 16,000 rpm. This hand planer has double-edged carbide blades that increase your productivity. Because of its simplicity, the tool is lightweight, making it easy to handle.

Die cast aluminum construction of this tool is another great feature that extends the life of the tool. The tool is strong and will serve you for many years. It also features ergonomic and rubberized handles, so using it is comfortable for you. The spring-loaded stand also protects the blades and workpieces with sufficient protection

Feature :

  • You can easily use the tool
  • It is made by a strong motor
  • Has double edge carbide blades
  • Ideal for framing and woodworking
  • Strong die cast aluminum housing

5. Makita 1806B 10.9 Amp 6-3/4-Inch Planer :

A great hand planer from Makita is the Makita 1806B. This is a great and trusted company that provides tools that meet the needs of a wide range of users. It has a more powerful motor than the other two products reviewed above from the same company. Your projects will be handled accurately with its speed of 15,000 rpm and 10 amp motor.

An electric hand planer like this can cut up to 6-3/4 inches in a single pass. Additionally, the planner has high-speed blades that enhance its performance. Furthermore, the aluminum base of this unit is precision machined, which enhances your planning accuracy. With this powerful tool, you’ll be able to accomplish anything you put your mind to.

If you want to increase your productivity with power tools, you need to be comfortable. It has a comfortable handle for maximum comfort, and you can easily adjust the depth to your liking. In addition, the tool is large and has a sturdy sole plate that increases stability. The planer is equipped with a lock-on button to ensure continuous use.

Feature :

  • It has a comfortable handle
  • With a lock-on button
  • The sturdy sole plate provides stability
  • Aluminum base precision-machined
  • A powerful 10 amp motor is included

6. DEWALT DCP580B 20V MAX Brushless Planer (Only Tool)

Today, there are so many brands on the market and each claims to have the best tool. Although some brands will impress you with their performance, not all will. You should only purchase your tools from companies like Dewalt that have a lot of experience. DEWALT’s DCP580B model is an excellent planer that you can get if you need one.

The cordless design makes this a tool you can take wherever you go to do your projects. The portable 20V Max battery system makes it easy to transport it to different places. You can maintain speed under load and get the performance you need with the tool’s brushless motor. This tool also allows you to adjust the length by 1/256 inch to allow for a cutting capacity of 3-1/4 inches wide.

With its precision machined aluminum shoes, this planner offers the exact cuts required. The tool has a kickstand that keeps the tool from damaging the work surface. Additionally, it features a precision machined grove that enables edge chamfering. You will receive other items in addition to the planer, such as a wrench, fence guide and guide book.

Feature :

  • Kickstand design
  • Has a poly-V drive belt
  • Cuts 32,000 pieces every minute
  • The brushless motor is designed with
  • Front and back aluminum shoes fabricated by machine

7. Bosch PL1632 6.5 Amp Planer, 3-1/4″

If you like to do some DIY projects or do woodworking professionally, smooth finishes are important. The electric hand planner is the most effective tool to use, however, there are other tools you can use. When it comes to getting the job done, the Bosch PL1632 is a great tool with a good motor. You will also receive a dual-mount guide system, reversible woodrazor blade, blade wrench, shaving bag, and much more.

With this planer, you’ll have easy access to important features to help you handle your work accurately. It is designed so the handle angles optimally so the tool can be moved forward. Furthermore, the handle has a soft and comfortable grip that will help you do your job perfectly. Also included in the tool is a metric and inch depth scale for easy depth setting and planning.

A spring-loaded stand elevates the planer to protect the blade as well. In addition, the planer comes with a dual-mount guide fence with a protective shield so you can work on door edges that have plastic overshoes with confidence. As a result, the door face will not be marred. There is also a convenient ball-joint cord swivel so you can use the machine cordlessly.

8. Triton TPL180 1500W Triple-Blade Planer, 7-Inch :

If you have an old planer that isn’t working as you’d expect, the Triton TPL180 can be a good upgrade. This is a heavy-duty planner designed for use on hardwoods. There is a powerful 1500 watt motor on the tool, which provides ample power for planning tough jobs. The tool is perfect for woodworkers who wish to achieve precision in their projects.

Its 10-postion depth control and three blade design helps you remove materials effectively. Additionally, this tool provides the necessary comfort when you are working. There is an adjustable front handle with a soft grip for your comfort. As well as this, there is an indicator that indicates when the power has been connected.

This planer has a three-blade drum design that enhances cutting performance for smoother finishes. The handle bail can also be adjusted to provide more support and control while handling the tool. There are also dust connectors, wrenches, guides, and 7-inch blades. A second benefit is the cutting capacity depth of 0-2mm.

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