Ezzocard Review : Ezzocard is Scam Or Legit & Alternative

Ezzocard Review : Ezzocard is Scam Or Legit & Alternative

Ezzocard Review: There have a great deal of Virtual pre-loaded card suppliers on the web. Furthermore, it is difficult to track down the privilege and best virtual charge card, supplier. On the off chance that You are searching for a genuine audit on Ezzocard, you are in the perfect spot. After quite a while of examination, we discover a few advantages and disadvantages of Ezzocard. Also, today is this article I will clarify about Ezzocard. Is it a trick or genuine? So we should begin and peruse the full audit.

We definitely realize what is Ezzocard. Be that as it may, I wanna talk a smidgen about Ezzocard. Along these lines, Ezzocard is a virtual Visa and Mastercard Prepaid charge card supplier. The organization established in August 2017. Ezzocard works worldwide so their cards permit you to pay for labor and products from anyplace on the planet. They offer 3 kinds of card:

Blue Card is a Visa pre-loaded Mastercard. You can utilize any charging address in any country where to acknowledge a Visa card. Term of legitimacy one year from the issue date. There have no month to month expenses, simply pay the charge/expense when you purchase the card. You can purchase cards from 5 to 900 dollars.

A green card is additionally a Visa pre-loaded Mastercard. You can utilize any charging address in any country. You can pay worldwide in any money. The term legitimacy is low just a half year. Yet, there has no month to month charge. You can buy 20 to 900 USD.

Earthy colored card is Mastercard Prepaid virtual Visa by Ezzocard. In any case, the thing is you can utilize just the Canadian Billing address. The term of legitimacy is 3 years ( from the issue date). There has a solitary digit month to month charge of $3 (for a year ). You can buy 25 to 250 CAD.


  • No Personal Information Required
  • No Hidden Charge
  • Discount Policy
  • Moment Card
  • Simple To utilize


  • No Reload
  • Restricted Payment Method

No Mobile App

  • No Personal Information Required

Probably the most awesome aspect of Ezzocard that I enjoyed is you needn’t bother with any confirmation, neither an ID card nor some other individual data. Something else is the point at which you making a buy you are not needed to give any close to home data. What’s more, you can utilize mysterious installment like digital currencies. There get no opportunity to lose your own data. So it is protected to utilize.

  • No Hidden Charge

There has no secret charge. You simply pay the card and handling expense. Like on the off chance that you purchase a 200 USD Visa pre-loaded Mastercard. Your absolute bill would be $261.98. Be that as it may, in the event that you buy a Mastercard paid ahead of time virtual Visa there has a month to month $3 charge.

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  • Discount

Something else is they are offering a discount. That implies on the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize the card any longer you can get a discount in the measure of 95% of the cards to confront esteem inside one month from the date of procurement. To get a discount you need to converse with the help group.

  • Moment Card

On the off chance that you need a card inside 24 hours simply apply for the card make installment and get your (Card Number) VCC and pin. Subsequent to getting your VCC and pin you can utilize it for any global or homegrown buy ( site).

  • Simple Interface

Ezzocard ‘s UI is valid, simple to utilize. Simply select the reach or sum you need to purchase. At that point Click On the Payment Method and affirm your buy. You will get an installment address, duplicate the location, and pay. Get your data through your email. Note: Try to Take a screen capture of each page. Understand more: Mango Money Review

  • No Reload

No reload implies you can not load balance when you utilize the entirety of the sums you bought the first run through. Yet, you can yet another scoundrel and this is exhausting. I don’t care for it by any means.

  • Restricted Payment Method

You are getting just 3 installment techniques – Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Perfect Money. Also, still, presently numerous nations don’t permit cryptographic money. Also, those are not mainstream installment strategies.

  • No Mobile App

I can’t accept a rumored card supplier Like Ezzocard doesn’t offer a portable application for the client. In any case, pretty much every virtual credit or check card supplier offers android and macOS portable applications.

  • Costly

The card is costly too. In the event that you purchase 5 USD, it costs around 12 USD and for $900 it costs $1029. So the thing is it not more than SwiftPayCard.

Is Ezzocard A Scam Or Legit?

The inquiry is Ezzocard is Scam Or Legit? Okay. No, Ezzocard isn’t a Scam. You can take their administration. This is free from any and all harm and they have a magnificent help group, they will help you as your need. So to get a Virtual Credit card you can visit Ezzocard.

To wrap things up. There have cons that have aces. Nobody is amazing in this world. It is anything but a significant issue. In any case, we trust soon Ezzocard will deal with the cons, we referenced previously.

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Is Ezzocard safe?

Indeed, Ezzocard is protected to utilize. Assuming you are searching for a virtual Visa and Mastercard Prepaid card, you can proceed with Ezzocar. Be that as it may, in the event that you believe it’s undependable, you can proceed with the alternatives, we’ve submissively referenced here.

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